Collection: Badger Recommendations

A curated collection of vinyl recommendations from the Badger's Den

Regularly updated and refreshed; 

Currently were featuring and recommended a range of albums from Europe & the UK. From reissues lovingly put out by Sam Records in France to the latest releases from London jazz scene - redefining the city and the genre in fabulous and exciting ways while paying homage to the forebears of the scene.

We also have releases such as Kokoroko - Could We Be More released via Gilles Peterson drawing on Jazz influences along with Afrobeat and world styles to great something joyful, new and inviting.

Art Blakey: “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.”

 Below is a curated selection of English & European Jazz albums that we consider essential albums for any record collection. Pour yourself a coffee and drop the needle on to one of these records  

Check out the fabulous selection below