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MOTTE - Cold + Liquid

MOTTE - Cold + Liquid

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MOTTE - Cold + Liquid

Ba Da Bing Records

Anita Clark’s new Motte album, Cold + Liquid, builds glacial atmospheres, frozen moods and isolated impressions. Portraying New Zealand through socio-geological sound, breathing in Christchurch cultures and locales, the album embodies an artistic simulation of the Kiwi environment. Motte borrows from an array of sound sources to create an immense entity, with each piece situated precisely along the path. Cold + Liquid offers this rich sensory experience, transporting the listener into a world of Clark’s imagination.


1. Andromeda
2. Only I
3. Crystal Waters
4. Gargantuan
5. Visceral Feelings
6. Plateau
7. Cold + Liquid
8. Seeing Into the Minds of Others
9. Falling Star


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