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Velvet Arrow - Songs Of Solitude

Velvet Arrow - Songs Of Solitude

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Velvet Arrow - Songs Of Solitude 

Self released vinyl pressed at Holiday Records Aotearoa

Badgers Den friends and all round fabulous people, Velvet Arrow have released their debut album Songs Of Solitude!

"Listening to the songs of Velvet Arrow one cant help but imagine them soundtracking a poignant scene of the show Peaky Blinders. With the gothic vibe of Nick Cave & the honest integrity of Reb Fountain or PJ Harvey. Songs of Solitude is a fabulous artistic leap forward for folk-noir band Velvet Arrow" - Chris, Badger's Den

Velvet Arrow takes you down a lost path of dark nights and lonesome dreamers… Heavily influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen - Velvet Arrow are a New Zealand based singer/songwriter duo with a darkly romantic alt-folk heart. Emerging out of the shadows of nowhere, Velvet Arrow’s perceptive lyrical observations woven into beautifully tragic tales and cinematic soundscapes have a way of piercing your soul - reminding the listener you are not alone.
Born and raised in the same small town and country music scene in Te Tai Tokerau many years ago; creative musician/producer Dan Stenhouse and songwriter Hannah Jane met in 2017 a lifetime later to find they both speak the language of solitude and share a love of melancholic melodies. And with a unique blend of harmony; Dan and Hannah can be found wandering through fields of Alt-Folk into Dark Country and somewhere in between. Velvet Arrow are on a journey to bring their original writings out of utero, starting at the very beginning with ‘Songs of Solitude’.


  1. Song of Hope & Fear
  2. Broken Symphony
  3. Dark Was The Night (song for Blind Willie Johnson)
  4. Red Revenge
  5. Troubled Mind
  6. Sunset & Tsunami
  7. Can’t Reason With A Dead Man
  8. Quicksand
  9. Runaway Girl
  10. Throw Me Some Hope
  11. Sunset Reprise
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