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Various Artists - Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers Of The 1960s

Various Artists - Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers Of The 1960s

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Various Artists - Ciao Bella! Italian Girl Singers Of The 1960s

Ace Records

The 1960s girl-pop compilations on the occasional Ace International and Big Beat International imprints rank among their most popular releases of recent years. Having hit upon a winning formula by hopping over the Channel to France for C'EST CHIC! And TRES CHIC!, and by venturing further afield to Japan for two volumes of NIPPON GIRLS, the label now turns the spotlight on Italy. The set opens with Brunetta's prized dance floor-filler 'Baluba Shake' and closes with 'Pà Diglielo a Mà', a dramatic ballad by big-voiced Nada. The prolific Mina - queen bee of Italy's female singers - gets two tracks: folk rock nugget 'No' and 'Se Telefonando', a sophisto-pop epic courtesy of maestro Ennio Morricone. 

In a country known for its song festivals, most notably the prestigious event held annually in Sanremo, lushly orchestrated ballads have always been especially popular, and a few exceptional examples are featured here. The album opens, however, with a selection of uptempo titles.

Other highlights include the sitar-embellished Il Mio Posto Qualè by Ornella Vanoni, a convincing cover of Baby Please Dont Go by beat girl Caterina Caselli, Gigliola Cinquettis superbly orchestrated Eurovision-winner Non Ho Letà (Per Amarti) and breathy-voiced actress Catherine Spaaks bossa-flavored La Notte È Fatta Per Rubare.'


Side One:
1. Baluba Shake - Brunette & Her Balubas
2. No - Mina
3. Il Mio Posto Quale - Ornella Vanoni
4. Sono Qui Con Vol - Caterina Caselli & Friends
5. Un Amore Inutile - Isabella Iannetti
6. La Notte E Fatta Per Rubare - Catherine Spaak
Side Two:
1. Il Geghege - Rita Pavone
2. Questa Sinfonia - Carmen Villani
3. Ragazzo Triste - Patty Pravo
4. Non E Mal Tardi - Rita Monico
5. Se Telefonando - Mina
6. Pa Diglielo A Ma - Nada

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