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Stinky Jim - Social Awareness 12"

Stinky Jim - Social Awareness 12"

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Stinky Jim - Social Awareness 12"
HayMaker Records
(Signed by Stinky Jim)
Stinky Jim's 'Social Awareness' is the first vinyl release on Haymaker Records, NZ. 'Social Awareness' comprises five remixes from Stinky Jim's 'Spatial Awareness' (2022, digital only).  Seekersinternational (BC, Canada), Tribilin Sound (Peru/California), and NZ's Christoph El Truento, have recoated & remodeled each track to complement the 'Spatial Awareness' tracks.

"To have these artists onboard producing these remixes has been a privilege. In the best way, you can't label or categorize Jim's music. 'Social Awareness' is no different"  - Haymaker Records.


1. Steam Fish ft. Nazamba [Steam Veg Dub by Seekersinternational]
2. Loose Carry [18th Man Dub by Seekersinternational]
3. Cry for the Ute [Christoph El Truento Remix]
4. Le Creak [Tribilin Sound Remix]
5. Owner Face [Tribilin Sound Remix]
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