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Robin Kenyatta - Girl From Martinique

Robin Kenyatta - Girl From Martinique

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Robin Kenyatta - Girl From Martinique

Second Hand

ECM 1008 Stereo - Printed in Germany 1970

Cover has a few signs of age but still VG and the record itself is VG+

American jazz saxophonist Robin Kenyatta meets German experimental pianist Wolfgang Dauner (who released the very first ECM record) on this underrated and somewhat out of place ECM classic. “Blues for your Mama” might just be the most traditionally funky track in the ECM catalog with Dauner’s swinging clavinet and aggressive piano playing that drives the tune into wild improvisation in classic Dauner style. The quartet configuration works incredibly well here with Kenyatta’s flute and sax floating gorgeously over Dauner and Norwegian doube bassist Arild Andersen and drummer Fred Braceful who hold down the groove but also stretch out plenty themselves.

Recommended for fans of the new Andre 3000 flute album - this is where it all started you crazy jazz cats



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