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Kokoroko - Could We Be More

Kokoroko - Could We Be More

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Kokoroko - Could We Be More


An album that has been on high rotation in the Badgers Den;  on the radio show, in DJ sets and at home all times of the day.

An absolutely stunning album by London's finest

Could We Be More is an expansive and ambitious album that speaks to the force of Kokoroko. Each song possesses the energy which so naturally underpins the heartbeat of Kokoroko’s identity - deftly moving through afrobeat, highlife, soul, and funk across the album’s 15 tracks and taking inspiration from a plethora of other influences from within the West-African and Caribbean communities that the band grew up listening to - the album gifts the listener feelings of homecoming and joy.

Speaking on the origins of Could We Be More, band members Sheila Maurice-Grey and Onome Edgeworth explain: “I think home has hugely informed the way we write and play our music. Everyone comes from different backgrounds but the thing that unites us in Kokoroko is that we all have a similar love and appreciation for afrobeat and highlife, whether that’s Ebo Taylor or Pat Thomas,” Sheila says. “It’s that feeling when you’re younger and you hear something and you feel some ownership over it. For me, Nigerian music and soul was played in the house a lot so I felt I had ownership over it so when I heard it elsewhere, there was a certain pride and energy filled with it. Recreating a piece of music that fills you with pride, ‘this is a piece of me and this is what I came from,’” Onome adds.


  1. Tojo
  2. Blue Robe (pt.i)
  3. Ewà Inú
  4. Age Of Ascent
  5. Dide O
  6. Soul Searching
  7. We Give Thanks
  8. Those Good Times
  9. Reprise
  10. War Dance
  11. Interlude
  12. Home
  13. Something's Going On
  14. Outro
  15. Blue Robe (pt.ii)
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