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Christoph El Truento - peace maker dub

Christoph El Truento - peace maker dub

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Christoph El Truento - peace maker dub

HayMaker Records

Auckland production maestro Christoph El Truento has released a remastered edition of 2019s ten-track offering 'peace maker dub’. A dedication to the pioneering producers of reggae music in Jamaica, the collection features guest spots from local high flyers Julien Dyne, JY Lee, borrowed cs and Lord Echo.

As the title suggests, peace maker dub recalls the round bass tones and bud-bothering liquid delay-fests conjuring ideal summer vibes for our sun-soaked January.


  1. Fishermans Dub 
  2. Bath Tub Skank 
  3. Stormy 
  4. Pep’s Chant
  5. Bush Walk Dub 
  6. Give Me Dub 
  7. Night Train 
  8. First Sight Dub
  9. Can’t Stand the Pressure
  10. Don’t Rock the Boat 
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