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African Head Charge - A Trip To Bolgatanga

African Head Charge - A Trip To Bolgatanga

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African Head Charge - A Trip To Bolgatanga

On-U Sound

African Head Charge return to On-U Sound with their first new album in twelve years. Titled A Trip To Bolgatanga, the recordings are led by founder member Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, with close friend and co-conspirator Adrian Sherwood once again at the controls. A Trip to Bolgatanga is a stunning return, bringing together the talents of two masters who, after a hiatus, have created a rich album brimming with ideas and executed with finesse.

A Trip To Bolgatanga is a musical journey to Bonjo’s current hometown in north Ghana. A psychedelic travelogue across the landscape featuring their trademark hand percussion and group chanting augmented with rumbling bass, mutated horns, dubbed out effects, wild wah-wah, haunted voodoo dancehall, synthetic swells, disco congas, tumbling layers of electronic effects, blues-inflected woodwind, and funky organ. As with every On-U Sound production, each repeated listen reveals fresh detail, and its power won’t be really understood until heard on a big system, when it’ll reduce all competition to rubble.


  1. A Bad Attitude
  2. African Head Charge & King Ayisoba - Accra Electronica
  3. Push Me Pull You
  4. I Chant Too
  5. Asalatua
  6. Passing Clouds
  7. I’m a Winner
  8. A Trip to Bolgatanga
  9. African Head Charge & King Ayisoba - Never Regret a Day
  10. Microdosing

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