Badgers Den Recommends - Flying Nun!

Badgers Den Recommends - Flying Nun!

Badgers Den Records recommended selection for April!

A curated mix of new and reissued albums from Flying Nun.  From a scrappy little label run on the smell of an oily rag to the national treasure that it has now become Flying Nun is truly one of the countries more endearing stories.  If you havn't dived into the riches from the label have a look at some of the albums on offer and be sure to check out some of the fabulous books about the history; from Roger Sheppard's 'In Love With These Times" to newly release "Needles & Plastic" not to mention the great articles on Audioculture.

If you are in Wellington be sure to pop along and visit the store on Cuba Street

From the noisy carnage that is Wax Chattels to the classic guitar albums of StraitJacket Fits and The 3Ds

Away from the noise there are new signings to the label such as the dark and  haunting album Venus Is Home by Erny Belle and the chaotic and beautiful debut album by Recitals 

Some of my favorite live music memories have involved Flying Nun bands, including the final performance by the StraitJacket Fits & Dimmer at the now gone Kings Arms Tavern.  Having discovered the label as a teenager when loaned a pile of Tall Dwarf & Chris Knox Lps I've been a fan ever since - it brings me no end of joy to be able to stock a growing range of items from the label.


(Rocking my Flying Nun T-Shirt in Vienna, Austria 2009)

 Wearing a Flying Nun Tshirt in Austria 2009

 Also feel free to follow the link to our Spotify playlist introduction to the Flying Nun catalogue here 


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