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The Dark Red Seed - Becomes Awake

The Dark Red Seed - Becomes Awake

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The Dark Red Seed - Becomes Awake


The Dark Red Seed is the musical outlet of Tosten Larson, guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude. A self-coined 'metaphor for the heart', The Dark Red Seed represents a direct reference to life - and death - itself. The duo, which also includes King Dude engineer Shawn Flemming, will now release it's debut album, Becomes Awake.

The instrumentation and scales on Becomes Awake are heavily inspired by Indian and Persian music as well as Roma music. Densely arranged with string, horn and percussion sections the album features contributions from musicians Kelly Pratt (LCD Soundsystem, War on Drugs, St Vincent) and Steve Nistor (Sparks, Marissa Nadler, Daniel Lanois). The harmonic, rhythmic and formal structures release a potent richness and depth of sound created by the collision of Eastern and Western music and the merging of tones specific to each. Are you ready to Become Awake?


1 Dukkha
2 Darker Days
3 Alap
4 Ancient Sunrise
5 The Mouth of God
6 The Destroyer
7 The Void
8 Awakening
9 Sukha
10 Diana and Ouroboros Dance

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