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Sigur Rós - ATTA

Sigur Rós - ATTA

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Sigur Rós - ATTA 

Indie 2LP / Yellow vinyl

There are few bands that cut through the noise and distractions of the world to bring you a pure elemental truth or feeling like Sigur Rós.

It seems only fitting that now they should return by surprise with their most intimate and emotionally direct album to date with ÁTTA. While they’ve seemed ever-present with ambitious live shows, mixtapes, sound baths and anniversary celebrations of now classic albums, it’s been a long ten years since the Icelandic post-rock pioneers released a full album with 2013’sedgy and industrial ‘Kveikur’. 


1. ‘Glóð’
2. ‘Blóðberg’
3. ‘Skel’
4. ‘Klettur’
5. ‘Mór’
6. ‘Andrá’
7. ‘Gold’
8. ‘Ylur’
9. ‘Fall’
10. ‘8’

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